Ethereal Vibrations of Our Ashen Spirits   Gouache, charcoal, crushed chalk + ash on wood  40" x 21"  SOLD   
  Path of Lightfoot   Acrylic on canvas  30" x 40"
  Steer Skull with Pattern    Acrylic on wood   10" x 7"  SOLD
  Lunar Hallucinations   Acrylic on wood panel  48" x 24"  SOLD
  Chief Barking Frog   Acrylic on canvas  5' 8" x 4' 8"  Private commission.   Barking Frog Grille. Sedona, Arizona 
  Agave I   Acrylic + graphite on wood  24" x 24"  Juror's First Prize.  Inter-city Cactus + Succulent Show. Los Angeles, CA.